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Breaking Dawn – Part 2: Edward Character Poster

La Summit ha appena rilasciato i primi tre posters dei personaggi di Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Questo è il meraviglioso Character Poster di Edward *_*

Per vedere anche quello di Bella e Jacob, cliccate sull’immagine o sul link fonte.


Summit has released the first three Characters Posters about Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

This is the marvellous Edward one’s *_*

To see Bella and Jacob’s, click on the image or on the source link.

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‘Cosmopolis’ Soundtrack

Puoi ordinare online la soundtrack – You can pre-order the soundtrack qui-here

The soundtrack album features the songs from official cosmopolis site:

Long to Live
Written by Emily Haines, James Shaw, Howard Shore
Performed by Metric

I Don’t Want to Wake Up

Written by Emily Haines, James Shaw, Howard Shore
Performed by Metric

Call Me Home

Written by Emily Haines, James Shaw, Howard Shore
Performed by Metric


Lyrics by Don DeLillo and K’NAAN
Performed by K’NAAN

Aquista – Buy: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Available on Howe Records.


Track List – Puoi ascoltare un’anticipazione delle tracce – You can listen to a preview of the tracks QUI-HERE

1. White Limos
2. Long to Live
3. Rat Men
4. Asymmetrical
5. I Don’t Want to Wake Up
6. A Credible Threat
7. Call Me Home
8. Haircut
9. Mecca – performed by K’NAAN
10. The Gun
11. Benno


Screencaps dall’ultima Clip di Bel Ami + Download / Bel Ami Screencaps from Last Clip + Download

Guarda l’ultima Clip – Watch the last Clip: QUI – HERE

Zip File (300+ screencaps) ViaVia

Photobucket Photobucket
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Nuove Stills di Bel Ami + Download Scheda Film + Un’altra Versione del Poster / 2 New Bel Ami Stills + Italian PressBook Download + Another Version of Bel Ami Poster

Finalmente tesori, si sta muovendo qualcosa anche in Italia!!!! Sono Felicissima!!! 😀

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Ancora un Video di Breaking Dawn Parte 1 + Download Screencaps / More Breaking Dawn Part 1 Video + Screencaps Download


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Scans del Libro ufficiale illustrato di Breaking Dawn + Download / Scans of Official illustrated Breaking Dawn Movie Companion + Download




Qualora foste interessati alla traduzione Italiana delle scans, sarei disposta a tradurle se la richiesta è elevata. Perciò scrivetemi un commento se siete interessati! 😀

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Il CD Ufficiale della Score di Breaking Dawn / The Breaking Dawn Official Score CD

La colonna sonora di Breaking Dawn Parte 1 è finalmente disponibile sia su Amazon e sia su iTunes!

Ora puoi avere il CD.


The score for Breaking Dawn Part 1 is finally available from both Amazon and iTunes!

Now you can get the CD. 

  • 1. The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
  • 2. Cold Feet
  • 3. What You See in the Mirror
  • 4. Wedding Nightmare
  • 5. Wolves on the Beach
  • 6. Goodbyes
  • 7. A Nova Vida
  • 8. The Threshold
  • 9. Pregnant
  • 10. Morte
  • 11. Honeymoon in Eclipse
  • 12. A Wolf Stands Up
  • 13. Two Man Pack
  • 14. Don’t Choose That
  • 15. O Negative
  • 16. Hearing the Baby
  • 17. Playing Wolves
  • 18. Let’s Start with Forever
  • 19. It’s Renesmee
  • 20. The Venom
  • 21. Hearts Failing Listen
  • 22. Biting Listen
  • 23. Jacob Imprints Listen
  • 24. You Kill Her You Kill Me Listen
  • 25. Bella Reborn – Carter Burwell