Robert Pattinson per Dior Homme – Nuove Foto / Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme – New Pics


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Dior Homme.

Veloce e forte.

Vivi libero, veloce e forte. Vivi 1000 vite, ma sai che ne hai solo una. L’audacia è un patrimonio per Dior sport uomo, con la spensieratezza del maschio moderno.

Principe di tutte le città, il suo sorriso è disarmante. Fresco e sofisticato, inventa un nuovo modo per essere “maschio”. Come un eroe da Actor Studio. Le sue rughe svaniscono in una risata, i suoi palpiti sensuali con la voglia di vivere. Emozioni in una esecuzione profonda e vera. Amore moderno e tenero caos. L’amore e la scoperta come obiettivi finali. Aperto a tutte le esplorazioni, instancabili.

“Sogna come se dovessi vivere per sempre. Vivi come se dovessi morire oggi”

James Dean

Robert Pattinson è un attore sotto i riflettori. Seducente e complesso. L’attrazione fisica è ovvia, ma solo parte di essa. C’è il talento, che si sente immediatamente. Una presenza magnetica, straordinariamente fotogenico. Uno sguardo limpido che lascia un’impressione bruciante. Intensità che rivela nel profondo la sua impenetrabilità, immerso nel mistero.

Robert Pattinson è una rara razza di attore, di quelli che incarna naturalmente l’uomo moderno. Emana un senso di determinazione, senza sforzo, senza alcuna pretesa: seduzione intrigante che incontra un desiderio di autenticità, intenso e forte.

Robert Pattinson è un’icona: anche lui ha scelto di evolversi. Libero di accettare progetti coraggiosi nei suoi ruoli cinematografici. Come l’uomo Dior entra in una nuova era, egli abbraccia nuove sfide artistiche. Come potevano i due non rispondere?

Girato da Romain Gravas, inventa un uomo Dior che sfida le idee preconcette. Come i suoi leggendari precursori: Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman, Monty Clift, egli incarna una certa mascolinità.

Tinge la virilità con una vulnerabilità che fa la differenza, una sensibilità che diventa il punto di forza.

Sembra essere l’erede evidente di tutto quelli che andavano forte, che amavano furiosamente e seguivano una sola regola: essere liberi, qualunque cosa accasa.

Ci ricorda che gli idoli hanno personalità inevitabilmente straordinarie, di cui la fotocamera si innamora. L’eleganza della sua libertà non ha limiti

1986:Nato a Londra

2001:debuot sul palcoscenico con la Barnes Theatre Company

2004: primo ruolo nella Saga dei Nibelunghi

2005: Harry Potter e il calice di fuoco

2008: conosciuto in tutto il mondo con il primo capitolo della Saga di Twilight

2010: Remember Me di Allen Coulter

2011:Come l’acqua per gli elefanti di Francis Lawrence

2012: Ultimo episodio della Saga di Twilight

2012:Cosmopolis di Cronenberg, presentato l’anno scorso al Festival di Cannes


Dior Homme

Fast and Strong

Live free, fast and strong. Live 1000 lives but know that you only have one. Boldness is a heritage the Dior man sports with the breeziness of the modern male. Prince of all cities, he goes for trim luxury. He stands against conventions and rules. He saunters casually, like a conqueror, disarming you with his smile.
Cool and sophisticated, he invents a new way of being “male”. Like a hero from the Actor’s Studio. His cracks fall away in a peal of laughter, his sensuality throbs with his lust for life. Emotions running deep and true. Modern love and tender chaos. Love and discovery as the ultimate goals. Open to everything in his tireless exploration…

“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”
James Dean

A Manifold Fragrance

Dior Homme. A composition that rocked the world, daring fresh boldness and surprise. An olfactory shock in true Dior style, changing habits and transcending norms. When Dior Homme was born, it imposed its difference. A virile sophistication, uncommonly subtle. Dior Homme dared and conquered. It launched a new direction.

Today we realise just how many interpretations this fragrance contains. A fragrance with 1000 faces, a stunning array of possibilities. A masculine Iris. The shock of opposites attracting.

A faintly animal Iris that expounds a sensual, sexy feel. Accompanied by Leather and Wood to re-orchestrate virile accords. Amber and Spices exude but do not invade, as though saying: “Follow me, it’s up to you.”

This sillage is not attention-seeking. It exists, openly different. The olfactory signature of a stylish allure. The casual charm of an utterly contemporary male figure. An attitude that shuns pretension, states sophistication.
Dior Homme is a lesson in boldness. It remains unique, yet intriguingly manifold.

“Dior Homme eschews every masculine cliché. It explores anew virility, immediate yet complex.”
François Demachy

A dimly lit dressing room. Costumes scattered on the floor, sequins and feathers. She has stubbed out her cigarette and removes her make-up, peering at her reflection in the neon-lit mirror. Conceal the shadows, pile on smoky eyes and flaming red lips. Overdo it, wear a mask to make believe it’s not really you, half-naked in this hopeless dive. A sharp intake of breath, she stops her handiwork… He could be there, just behind the door. Among the fumes of stale tobacco she catches the scent that she loved on his neck, a delicious blend of wood and flowers. Gentle but virile. Tender-hearted Narcissus. This fragrance is her life. Leading her a merry dance. “Little Bastard” or “Gentleman”: she doesn’t care. His signature is to do as he likes. She fixes her hair, a sad look on her face. Smoothes it listlessly, twists a few curls. Her heart isn’t in it. The tears well. Suddenly, the sillage swells, she smells the scent of spices and lavender in a musk and amber embrace. Her head reels, giddy. He appears, out of nowhere. She smiles at him in the mirror. Life. Goes on.

Dior Homme Fragrance Collection

Dior Homme
Wear Dior Homme like a tailored suit. This unique woody, aromatic signature trails in your wake. The surprising notes she loves to nuzzle at your neck. A sexy appeal, rigorous and sharp yet disarmingly casual. Feel effortlessly elegant. Sensual, supple and free.

Dior Homme Sport
A convertible speeds along an empty beach. An outdoor fragrance that plays on perfect jeans and a sexy T-shirt, the perfect fit. Like a rush of freedom, on the road. The vibrant woody freshness of the sillage hooks you in.

Dior Homme Cologne
Clear and radical, it envelops with a musky citrus signature. Sheer elegance. The sillage states the casual charm of a classic white shirt. Unostentatious but stylish. Elegance in broad daylight: a fragrance for the skin, for you.

The Bottle

Clean, pure, masculine lines. A timeless, rigorous block, warmed by amber-coloured jus. A golden tone shining like an invitation, a call to sensuality. Inside, the black tube marks a territory of contrasts against the enveloping hue. Clear-cut transparency, structure and design. The elegance of pure sophistication.

Like the dual composition it holds, the Dior Homme bottle plays on two sensations: virile and refined. Dior’s sartorial heritage is evident in its noble touch. Its beauty does not fade with time.
Ageless and classic. An object to have and hold, a lifelong companion.

Robert Pattinson A Free Agent. An Icon.

Robert Pattinson is an actor in the limelight. Seductive and complex. The physical attraction is obvious, but only part of it. There’s the talent, instantly felt. A magnetic presence, strikingly photogenic. A limpid gaze that leaves a searing impression. Intensity that reveals while deepening his inscrutability. Steeped in the mystery that sets screen legends apart.

Robert Pattinson is a rare breed of actor, the kind who naturally embodies the modern man. Today he gives off a sense of determination, effortlessly, with no pretence: intriguing seduction meets a desire for authenticity, intense and strong.

Robert Pattinson is an icon, the genuine article: he too has chosen to evolve as he pleases. Free to assert bold choices in his film roles. As the Dior man enters a new era, he embraces new artistic challenges. How could the two not meet?

Shot by Romain Gavras, he becomes a Dior man who defies preconceived ideas. Like his legendary precursors—Marlon Brando, James Dean, Paul Newman, Monty Clift—he embodies a certain idea of masculinity. Virility tinged with a vulnerability that makes all the difference, a sensitivity that becomes a strength.
He seems to be the obvious heir to all those who drove fast, loved furiously and lived by one rule: to be free, come what may.

And he reminds us that idols are inevitably extraordinary personalities with whom the camera falls in love. The elegance of his freedom has no limits…

1986: Born in London.
2001: Stage début with the Barnes Theatre Company.
2004: First role in Ring of the Nibelungs.
2005: Revealed in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
2008: Worldwide recognition with the first episode in the Twilight saga.
2010: Remember Me by Allen Coulter
2011: Water for Elephants by Francis Lawrence.
2012: The last episode in the Twilight Saga.
2012: Cosmopolis by David Cronenberg, which he presented last year at the Cannes Film Festival.

SOURCE PattinsonLife



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